Yerba Mansa Rescue

Sacred & Traditional Herb

Yerba Mansa has been used by generations of native New Mexicans for it’s numerous benefits. It grows wild in the Bosque area of the Rio Grande Valley, which is slowly diminishing. Yerba Mansa is on the United Plant Savers “To-Watch” list meaning it is at risk of becoming endangered.

Farmers in the Rio Grande Valley area have naturally occurring Yerba Mansa on the edges of fields and ditches. We work with local farmers to “rescue” that Yerba Mansa from being eradicated by digging up the patches and transplanting them to our Yerba Mansa farm.

Our Yerba Mansa is ethically harvested & 100% chemical/pesticide-free!

How to Purchase

Purchase Process

Please visit us Thursdays at the Nob Hill Growers Market to purchase fresh and dried Yerba Mansa roots and leaves. You are also welcome to contact us directly at